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General Information

A manual produced by the American Chestnut Foundation -- Contains information on site selection, how many trees, seedlings vs. seeds, maintenance and much more.

Resources and Links -- from the American Chestnut Foundation

Australian Chestnut Growers Research Manual, Spring, 2000, p. 5

Sweet Chestnut Orchard Production from MSU

Chestnut Industry Advisory Committee Annual Report 2012-2013 (Australia)

NNGA Annual Meeting in Virginia Proves Valuable for Chestnut Growers, Fall, 2002, p. 1

'03 Annual Meeting and Orchard Tour Proves to be Success, Summer, 2003, p. 1

Chestnuts Are On Their Way to FPMS, Winter, 2004, p. 1

International Chestnut Congress Showcases the Chestnut in Portugal, Winter, 2005, p. 14

Chestnut Growers Expand Horizons, Fall, 2005, p. 1

Annual Meeting of the Western Chestnut Growers, Fall, 2005, p. 4

Exploring the Australian Chestnut Industry ... a Brief Look at What's Going On, Fall, 2005, p. 6

"Do's" and "Don'ts": Advice for Commercial and Hobby Growers, Winter, 2006, p. 4

State of the Crop: Update from Growers Across the Nation, Summer 2006, p. 1

Evolution of US Chestnut Imports, Fall, 2006, p. 1

Chestnut Hill Tree Farm Represents Family Legacy, History of Bold Marketing, Fall, 2006, p. 8

Chestnuts: For the Birds?, Spring 2007, p. 4

Chestnut Management in Mediterranean Countries, Winter, 2008, p. 6

Did You Know?, Spring, 2008, p. 11

Cool Tools, Winter, 2009, p. 4

MU Center for Agroforestry '09: Chestnut Research, Spring, 2009, p. 6

Notes from People Who Know, Fall, 2009, p. 6

Chestnuts: Folklore, Traditions, Oddities and Medicinal Uses, Fall, 2009, p. 7

The How To of Chestnuts

Chestnut Update from Down Under, Spring, 2010, p. 1

2009 CGA Grower Survey Report, Spring, 2010, p. 3

Exploring the Future of the Chestnut Industry, Fall, 2010, p. 1

A Growing Love for Chestnuts, Fall, 2010, p. 6

2010 CGA Grower Survey Report, Spring, 2011, p. 3

2015 CGA Grower Survey, Summer, 2015, p. 1

Missouri Welcomes CGA Members to Annual Meeting, Summer, 2011, p. 1

Eastern Washington Report, Fall 2011/Winter 2012, p. 5

CGA Grower Survey, Summary Report, Spring, 2012, p. 1

CGA Grower Survey, Summary Report, Fall, 2012, p. 3

How Chestnut Trees Talk to Us, Fall, 2012, p. 3

First Butternuts, Now Chestnuts; Solving the Identity Crisis with DNA Fingerprinting, Fall, 2012, p. 7

Crop Insurance Options for Specialty, Diversified and Organic Farmers, Fall, 2012, p. 11

Nutrients in Chestnuts, Fall, 2014, p. 4

Weather and Climate from MSU

Growing for Market August 2016 Article: "Consider chestnuts: a potential perennial for market farms"

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Gleanings from the 2nd International Chestnut Symposium, Summer 1999, p. 1

Chef's Collaborative Movement -- Conference Features Chestnut Growers, Local Foods, Spring, 2007, p. 5

Making the Farmer-Chef Connection in the Midwest, Spring, 2007, p. 5

Chestnut Olympics: China Conference, Fall, 2008, p. 6

Growing an Industry, Fall, 2008, p. 1

Annual Meeting is Huge Success, Summer, 2014, p. 1

CGA Hosts Annual Meeting in Stockton, Summer, 2015, p. 3

Rooting Cuttings of Chestnut Workshop, Winter, 2015, p. 9

Italian Chestnut Conference 2009

Australian Chestnut Conference

FSMA -- presentation by Dr. Linda Harris -- a presentation by Dr. Linda Harris at the 2015 Annual Meeting

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Business Management

Chestnut Market Analysis from U of MO

Chestnut Decision Model at Your Fingertips, Winter, 2010, p. 6

Break-Even Pricing, Revenue and Units, Summer, 2011, p. 1

Selecting an Appropriate Pricing Strategy, Fall 2011/Winter 2012, p. 1

To the Trees from U of MO

Cost of Production from MSU

Cost of Production, Spring, 2014, p. 3

Consistent, We Are Not, Spring, 2014, p. 6

Are You Inviting a Lawsuit, Winter, 2015, p. 9

Decision Support Tool, U of MO, Open tool under "Chestnuts"

Some Growers Fail to Look at Net Profit, Winter, 2016, p. 5

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Planting and Growing Chestnut Trees

Before Getting Started from MSU

Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory from U of MO

Can We Grow Tasty Chestnuts from MSU

Planting and Spacing from MSU

Starting Chestnuts from Seed --From Dr. Sandra Anagnostakis, researcher with the Connecticut Agriculture Experiment Station

Planting Chestnut Trees -- From Dr. Greg Miller, grower, nurseryman

How to Plant and Grow -- by Bob Wallace, nurseryman

Cultivars of Chestnut -- by Dr. Sandra Anagnostakis, researcher with the Connecticut Agriculture Experiment Station

Germplasm from MSU

What to Plant from MSU

Cultivars for Michigan from MSU

Chestnut Planting Tutorial -- video by Dr. Hill Craddock, University of Tennessee

Growing Trees in Connecticut by Dr. Sandra Anagnostakis

Some More Thoughts on the Colossal, Summer, 2000, p. 4

A Look at the 1999 Chestnut Trials in France, Fall, 2000, p. 8

Japanese and Korean Chestnut -- A Profile, Winter, 2002, p. 3

Chestnut Germplasm Repository and Import Project Underway for California, Summer, 2002, p. 3

New Cultivar Registered, Summer, 2002, p. 6

Cultivar Review: by Greg Miller, Winter, 2005, p. 7

Chestnut Cultivar Selection for the Midwest, Winter, 2005, p. 11

Chestnut Cultivar Selection for the Midwest, Winter, 2005, p. 14

Cultivar Recommendations: Upper West Coast Region, Spring, 2005, p. 4

Talking Organic Chestnuts with Chestnut Charlie: Challenges, Rewards, and Lessons Learned, Winter, 2006, p. 1

Organic Nut Production: Resources and Recommendations, Winter, 2006, p. 6

Talking Organic Chestnuts with Ladd Hill Orchards: New Products, New Markets, Spring, 2006, p. 1

Selecting the Right Site for Your Chestnut Trees, Spring, 2006, p. 4

Recent Introduction Into the USA of 10 Chestnut Cultivars from Korea, Summer 2006, p. 11

Secondary Nut Production: A Curious Phenomenon, Fall, 2006, p. 1

Secondary Nut Production -- What to Do?, Fall, 2006, p. 3

Thinning Secondary Burs is Best To Enhance Nut Yields, Spring, 2008, p. 7

Can We Produce Dwarf Chinese Chestnut Trees, Winter, 2007, p. 4

Aftermath of the Big Chill -- How Are Your Trees Faring?, Summer, 2007, p. 1

Aftermath of the Big Chill, Part 2, Winter, 2008, p. 1

The Challenges: An Interview With Bob Stehli, Northern Nutgrower, Summer, 2007, p. 8

Glatt's Grant, Fall, 2007, p. 1

A Message from the President, Winter, 2008, p. 2

Assessing Cultivars for Freeze Damage in Missouri, Winter, 2008, p. 9

Cultivar Observation from Fall '08 Nut Harvest, Winter, 2009, p. 1

Protecting the Chestnut Crop, Bond Style, Spring, 2009, p. 1

Identifying Chestnuts

Crossing Chestnuts, Fall, 2015, 3

Forrest Keeling Has a Lot to Offer Chestnut Growers, Spring, 2011, p. 4

Forrest Keeling Has a Lot to Offer Chestnut Growers, Spring, 2011, p. 4

Growing Chestnuts: Planning the Orchard, Fall, 2014, p. 1

Growing Chestnuts: The Challenges Ahead, Winter, 2015, p. 1

Starting a Chestnut Orchard, Winter, 2015, p. 5

Planting American Chestnut in Pots, Summer 2015, p. 5

GMO American Chestnut, Spring, 2016, p. 1

Tree Research and Survival without Genetic Engineering, Spring, 2016, p. 6

De Kleines Manage Artificial Pollination, Spring, 2016, p. 3

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Colossal on Colossal -- Rethinking a Decision, Summer, 2000, p. 14

Top-Working Chestnut Trees, Fall, 2001, p. 11

Propagation of Chestnut Trees, Winter, 2002, p. 6

Green-On-Green Grafting Guide, Spring, 2009, p. 4

Field-Grafting Chestnuts, Spring, 2011, p. 6

Chestnut Grafting -- Collecting Scion Wood, part 1, Winter, 2014, p. 3

Chestnut Grafting -- Time to Do Something with That Scion Wood, part 2, Spring 2014, p. 4

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Irrigating -- Information from Michigan State University on trickle irrigation, drip irrigation, micro-irrigation

Subsurface Drip Irrigation -- The Future is Underground, Winter, 2001, p. 6

Irrigation Decisions and How They Affect Chestnuts, Winter, 2004, p. 3

Drip Irrigation System Construction, Summer, 2009, p. 6

What You Should Consider When Converting to Drip, Fall, 2009, p. 3

Saving Every Drop for Your Crop, Winter, 2011, p. 10

Irrigating from MSU

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Drain Tile Systems

Farm Tile Drains -- Information about improving soil with farm tiles

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Fertilizing and Foliar Analysis

Chestnut Fertilization, Fall, 1999, p. 5

Members Agree to Support Foliar Analysis Project, Summer, 2000, p. 13

Foliar Analysis Project Provides Baseline for "Normal" in Western Orchards, Fall, 2000, p. 1

Desired Nutrients (Letter to the editor), Fall, 2000, p.

Leaf Analysis Important in Managing Nutrition in the Chestnut Orchard, Summer, 2001, p. 9

Potassium Emphasized as Need in Fertilizing, Spring, 2002, p. 4

Fertilizing from MSU

Nutrition in "Good" Chestnut Orchard, Spring, 2002, p. 4

Foliar Analysis Project Continues, Summer 2002, p. 1

Chestnut Orchard Nutrition Update, Winter, 2003, p. 5

The Value of Using Leaf Tissue Analysis in Chestnuts, Summer, 2003, p. 7

Compost for Orchard Establishment, Fall, 2010, p. 4

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Soil Testing

The Ideal Soil Test?, Fall, 2003, p. 3

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Harvesting and Processing

Calculating the Costs of Bur Management, by Art and Carl DeKleine, with Appendices

Harvesting Chestnuts -- from Michigan State University. Discussion of some harvesting methods, but not extensive

Harvesting and Processing Videos -- from Allen Creek Farm showing mechanical equipment available

Scientist Offers Option for Peeling Produce, Summer, 2000, p. 3

Chestnut Peeling, Fall, 2001, p. 3

A Plastic Barrel Chestnut Sorter, Fall, 2001, p. 4

A Harvesting Option for Chestnuts, Winter, 2002, p. 5

Harvesting Chestnuts, Summer, 2003, p. 3

Chestnut Grower Develops the Multi-Nut Harvester, Summer, 2003, p. 8

Thinking Way Outside the Box, Summer, 2004, p. 4

A Perspective on Chestnut Handling and Peeling, Fall, 2005, p. 1

Sucking it Up: MSU Researchers Design Prototype Machine to Simplify Chestnut Harvest, Summer, 2008, p. 9

Harvesting Chestnuts in the Show-Me State: MU's Method, Summer 2008, p. 9

How I Harvest: Harvey Correia, Winter, 2010, p. 7

Sorting, Scanning, Sniffing a Way to Less Chestnut Decay, Spring, 2010, p. 7

Chestnut Harvesting: Suck It Up!, Winter, 2011, p. 6

Using a FACMA Harvester for Chestnuts, Winter, 2015, p. 3

Harvesting Chestnuts at Chestnut Charlie's, Fall, 2015, p. 1

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John Deere
Massey Ferguson
New Holland

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Weiss McNair
Colombo Equipment

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Colombo Equipment

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Pruning Chestnuts for Improved Productivity, Spring, 2000, p. 1

Review of Pruning Strategies for Chestnuts, Summer, 2005, p. 1

Pruning from MSU

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Post-Harvest Handling and Storage

Storage of Chestnuts - Preventing Mold, by Dennis Fulbright, MSU

Recommendations for Maintaining Post Harvest Quality -- by Adel Kader, UC Davis

Harvesting from MSU

Storage from MSU

Effects of Post-Harvest Treatments and Storage Conditions on Chestnut Quality, Winter, 2002, p. 8

NZCC Recommendations for Fresh Chestnut Handling and Storage, Spring, 2003, p. 4

Recommendations for Maintaining Post-Harvest Quality, Fall, 2003, p. 7

Post-Harvest Handling and Storage: The Key to Quality and Customer Satisfaction, Fall, 2004, p. 1

A Major Advance in Chestnut Storage with CALM Storage Technology, Summer, 2005, p. 1

Post-Harvest Quality of Chestnuts: A Challenge for Growers, Summer, 2006, p. 1

Walk-In Cooler Technology: Exploring the Options, Winter, 2007, p. 1

More From the 2007 Meeting: Spoilage Problems in Chestnuts, Fall, 2007, p. 4

Resident Weevil: Post-Harvest Management, Summer, 2008, p. 3

There's a New CA Unit on the Market, Winter, 2015, p. 1

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Chestnut Four-Fold Brochure from U of MO

Chestnut Growers Jump On the Worldwide Web, Fall, 1999, p. 5

Chestnuts on the Web, Winter, 2000, p. 3

Marketing from MSU

Chestnuts Roasting in Downtown Boise Attracts New Customers, Winter, 2001, p. 3

Looking at Chestnuts from a Chef's Point of View, Fall, 2001, p. 9

Unique Marketing Gimmick, Fall, 2001, p. 10

National Chestnut Week Provides New Marketing Opportunities, Fall, 2003, p. 1

President's Column on Whether We Should Become a Commodity, Winter, 2004, p. 2

Cadillac is One of Many Cities to Promote Chestnuts, Winter, 2004, p. 5

Celebrate National Chestnut Week, Fall, 2004, p. 1

National Chestnut Week Events, Fall, 2004, p. 4

Small But Mighty: Iowa Chestnut Producers Process, Package Small Chestnuts for Sales to White-Tablecloth Restaurants, Winter, 2005, p. 1

Delmarvelous Chestnuts Featured on Food Network "Food Finds", Winter, 2005, p. 1

Chestnut Marketing Through Events and Surveys: Examples from Missouri and Michigan, Winter, 2005, p. 9

Cadillac, Michigan Chestnut Festival Draws Curious Crowd, Winter, 2005, p. 10

Second Annual Missouri Chestnut Roast Offers Taste of Tradition; Achieves Record Attendance During National Chestnut Week, Winter, 2005, p. 9

Sweet Success: Nutquacker Pairs with Local Winery for Italian Chestnut Festival, Spring, 2005, p. 1

Fall Chestnut Events Draw Increasing Interest, Winter, 2006, p. 8

How We Bring 4000 People to Our Chestnut Orchards -- and You Can Too!, Summer 2006, p. 4

Describing the US Chestnut Market: An Analysis from the University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry, Fall, 2006, p. 7

Chestnut Festivals Gain Popularity, Informed Buyers, Winter, 2007, p. 7

A Note on Chestnut Demand, Spring, 2007, p. 7

US Chestnut Import Trends: An Update, Summer, 2007, p. 3

US Chestnut Import Trends: An Update, Fall, 2009, p. 4

Consumers Becoming More Familiar With Chestnuts, Winter, 2008, p. 3

Chestnut-Themed Events A Hit Coast to Coast, Winter, 2008, p. 4

Event Planning 101, Winter, 2008, p. 5

A U-Pick-How-To: Green Valley Chestnut Ranch, Spring, 2008, p. 3

Buying Chestnuts in Missouri, Summer, 2008, p. 4

Your Orchard to the Local Menu, Fall, 2008, p. 4

Try the Chestnut Out in These New Places, Winter, 2009, p. 7

Blogging Away, Fall, 2009, p. 1

Chestnut Roasting 101

A Chestnut How-To for the User

One More Way To Get Chestnuts Roasting on Local Open Fires, Fall, 2009, p. 11

Looking Back and Looking Ahead, Winter, 2010, p. 2

Agri-Tourism Advice, Winter, 2010, p. 4

Annual Meeting: Tracking into the Social Web, Summer, 2010, p. 5

Selling Strategies for Local Food Producers, Fall, 2010, p. 3

Sydney's Top Restaurants are Going Nuts Over a New Steak Which Comes from Chestnut-fed Steers, Summer, 2011, p. 3

Fall Chestnut Harvests and Roasts, Fall 2011/Winter 2012, p. 1

Forrest Keeling's Great River Chestnut Roast, Fall 2011/Winter 2012, p. 4

It's Almost National Chestnut Week, Fall, 2014, p. 1

Agritourism as a Part of Your Marketing Approach, Fall, 2014, p. 3

West Virginia Chestnut Festival, Fall, 2014, p. 7

A Marketing Opportunity You Can't Afford to Miss, Winter, 2015, p. 7

Living Up to Our Reputation, Consistently Inconsistent, Winter, 2015, p. 8

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Joining Forces: Chestnuts Co-op, Fall, 2007, p. 5

Survey of Midwest Chestnut Growers -- a Qualitative Overview

Spanish Co-op, Spring 2015, p. 1

Prairie Grove Nut Growers, Spring 2015, p. 3

USA Chestnuts Co-op, Spring 2015

Route 9 Cooperative, Spring 2015, p. 7

Chestnut Growers Inc., Spring 2015, p. 10

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Value-Added Products

Flour, dried nuts and chips


Chestnut beer

Frozen peeled nuts

2nd-Hand Chestnuts Honor Italian Holiday Tradition, Fall 2004, p. 7

"Flour Power": Members Explore Value-Added Baking Market with Chestnut Flour, Fall, 2004, p. 8

"Cheznuts" Frozen, Peeled Chestnuts Open New Markets, Spring, 2005, p. 1

Grower Spotlight -- Dale and Linda Black: Experimenting with "Unusual" Niche Products, Winter, 2006, p. 7

Value-Adding increases Viability of Chestnut Enterprise, Spring, 2006, p. 1

Chestnut Chips Become Beer to Satisfy Gluten-Free Demand: A Toast to Leftover Chestnuts, Winter, 2007, p. 1

Michigan State University Connects with Chestnut Beer Markets, Winter, 2007, p. 6

Michigan State University Connects with Chestnut Beer Markets, Winter, 2007, p. 6

The Best Part of Waking Up . . . Are Chestnuts in Your Cup?, Summer, 2007, p. 10

A "Slice" of the Pie, Fall, 2008, p. 3

"Autumn Fire" Catches On, Winter, 2009, p. 1

'Cheznuts' Processing Re-Visited, Summer, 2009, p. 4

Chestnut-Finished Pork, Winter, 2010, p. 1

Developing Chestnut Flour Products, Spring, 2010, p. 8

Grab a Cold, Fresh Chestnut Beer!, Spring, 2011, p. 1

Getting Your Foot in the Door, Fall 2011/Winter 2012, p. 1

A New High-Tannin, High-Health Feed Supplement for Alpacas in NZ, Fall 2011/Winter 2012, p. 10

Value-Added Chestnut Products, Spring, 2012, p. 7

How to Make Chestnut Liqueur, Summer, 2012, p. 7

Grab a Cold, Fresh Chestnut Beer, Spring 2011, p. 1

A New High Tannin Stockfood System, Winter, 2016, p. 1

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Diseases and Disorders

Major Diseases -- Information on blight, phytophthora, sunscald, internal kernel breakdown from Michigan State University

Introduction to Scouting in Chestnuts from MSU

Insect Pests from MSU

Asian Gall Wasp -- Information provided by University of Missouri.

Chestnut Weevil -- Extensive information including treatment by University of Missouri.

Shot Hole Borer -- Information on borer found in California, Oregona and Washington

Shot Hole Borer -- Dealing with Shot Hole Borer in Western Chestnut Orchards, Summer, 1999, p. 3

Do It Yourself Shot Hole Borer Trap, Summer 1999, p. 4

Understanding the Threat of the Chestnut Weevil, Fall, 2000, p. 6

Hands-on Lessons on Phytophthora, Fall, 1999, p. 1

Aware of Quarantines?, Spring, 2000, p. 1

More Information on Chestnuts and Ink Disease, Summer, 2001, p. 1

Dealing with Nut Rot in the Chestnut Orchard, Summer, 2002, p. 4

Phytophthora Research in New Zealand, Fall, 2002, p. 3

Diaporthe Nut Rot Disease of Chestnuts in New Zealanad and Australia, Spring, 2003, p. 3

Post-Harvest Tips: Preventing "Wormy" Chestnuts, Fall, 2004, p. 5

Asian Chestnut Gall Wasp Threatens European Chestnut Industry, Winter, 2006, p. 1

Nut Rot Research Report: "Phormopsis - When Does It Strike", Winter, 2007, p. 8

Chestnut Gall Wasp Report, Spring, 2007, p. 1

Bug Off! MU Works to Eradicate Chestnut Weevil, Summer, 2007, p. 4

Periodical Cicadas: A Spectactular Catastrophe, Spring, 2008, p.

Chestnut Weevil Information from U of MO, Summer, 2009, p. 6

A-'gall'-ing Behavior, Fall, 2009, p. 1

Summary of Chemicals Suggested for Use on Chestnuts

Oriental Chestnut Gall Wasp

They Unleashed the Virus to Kill the Fungus, Winter, 2010, p. 7

Michigan State Agriculture Dept. Implements Quarantine, Summer, 2010, p. 6

Australian Chestnut Trees to Go, Winter, 2011, p. 1

Blight Halts Australian Chestnut Production for Ten Years, Winter, 2011, p. 5

Determining the Cause of Internal Kernal Breakdown (IKB), Spring, 2012, p. 1

Hello from Mountain View Chestnuts, Spring, 2012, p. 6

The Eradication Response to the Incursion of Chestnut Blight in Australia, Winter, 2014, p. 5

Pesticides Registered for Edible Chestnuts from MSU

Potential and Emerging Pests from MSU

Chestnut Weevil, a Potential Pest of Michigan Chestnuts, Fall, 2015, p. 7

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Weed Control

There is No Substitute for Good Weed Control, Fall, 2000, p. 3

Weed Management from MSU

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Grower Problems

Summer Field Day Provides Insight for Northwest Growers, Fall, 1999, 3

New Zealand Couple Looks Long Term, Fall, 1999, p. 1

Freeze Damage in Walnuts, Spring 2003, p. 8

What I Wouldn't Do Again, Winter, 2009, p. 3

What I Wouldn't Do Again, Spring, 2009, p. 5

What I Wouldn't Do Again, Summer, 2009, p. 5

What I Wouldn't Do Again, Fall, 2009, p. 5

What I Wouldn't Do Again, Winter, 2010, p. 5

What I Wouldn't Do Again, Spring, 2010, p. 5

What I Wouldn't Do Again, Summer, 2010, p. 5

What I Wouldn't Do Again, Winter, 2011, p. 8

What I Wouldn't Do Again, Summer, 2012, p. 3

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Quality Standards in the Nut Industries, Summer, 1999, p. 6

WCGA Well Represented at MSU Meeting on Quality Standards, Summer, 2001, p. 3

U.S. Standards for Grades of Chestnuts in the Shell -- a Draft Copy, Fall, 2001, p. 7

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Health and Nutrition

Why Chestnuts? from U of MO

Chestnuts in the Press, Spring, 2005, p. 5

Chestnuts: Tree Nuts?, Fall, 2007, p. 1

Chestnuts As Antioxidant?, Winter, 2008, p. 1

Chestnuts Are A Natural Way to Avoid the Flu, Winter, 2010, p. 5

Nibbling on the Chestnut Tree May Improve Health, Summer, 2012, p. 1

What are the health benefits of eating chestnuts

Cook's Corner -- Chestnut Dip, Winter, 2015, p. 9

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Government Regulations

Food Safety Modernization Act -- Extensive requirements that must be met by growers

Chestnut Import Regulations for the State of Washington, Fall, 2000, p. 7

How to Put a Chestnut Grower Out of Business: Pseudo-Food-Safety On the Farm, Winter, 2011, p. 3

Chestnuts and Proposed Food Safety Regulations, Spring, 2014, p. 1

Institute for Food Safety

Produce Safety Alliance

FSMA -- a presentation by Dr. Linda Harris -- a presentation by Dr. Linda Harris at the 2015 Annual Meeting

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France Honors Chestnut in Village Museum, Summer, 2000, p. 7

Local Grower Discovers Chestnut Culture in Cuneo, Winter, 2001, p. 1

John Evelyn's Chestnut, Spring, 2001, p. 5

Following Chestnut Footprints: Cultivation and Culture, Folklore and History, Traditions and Uses -- free download of book

Woodland Trust Appeal Over Sweet Chestnut Tree, Winter, 2011, p. 4

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Chestnut Travel

The European Chestnut Adventures of Jane and Brian Casey, Winter, 2003, p. 3

More Chestnut Adventures with the Caseys, Winter, 2004, p. 7

Winter in Garfagna -- A Chestnut Holiday, Spring, 2004, p. 4

Picking and Processing Chestnuts Down Under, Summer, 2004, p. 1

Chestnut Sabbatical to Italy Gives Michigan State Professor New Inspiration, a Travelogue, Part 1, Spring, 2005, p. 11

Chestnut Sabbatical to Italy Gives Michigan State Professor New Inspiration, a Travelogue, Part 2, Summer, 2005, p. 11

Chestnut Sabbatical to Italy Gives Michigan State Professor New Inspiration, a Travelogue, Part 3, Fall, 2005, p. 11

Chestnuts in Croatia, Summer, 2008, p. 5

Australian Chestnut Industry 2009: Workshop and Wildfires, Spring, 2009, p. 3

Australian Chestnut Industry: Co-op, Cultivars and Cultural Practices, Summer, 2009, p. 3

Chestnut Season in Italy, Winter, 2010, p. 3

Chestnuts Roasting ... and Roasting ... and Roasting, Winter, 2011, p. 9

The 100 Horse Chestnut, Spring, 2016, p. 7

The 100 Horse Chestnut Today, Spring, 2016, p. 7

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