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General Information

A manual produced by the American Chestnut Foundation -- Contains information on site selection, how many trees, seedlings vs. seeds, maintenance and much more.

Resources and Links -- from the American Chestnut Foundation

Planting and Growing Chestnut Trees

Starting Chestnuts from Seed --From Dr. Sandra Anagnostakis, researcher with the Connecticut Agriculture Experiment Station

Planting Chestnut Trees -- From Dr. Greg Miller, grower, nurseryman

How to Plant and Grow -- by Bob Wallace, nurseryman

Cultivars of Chestnut -- by Dr. Sandra Anagnostakis, researcher with the Connecticut Agriculture Experiment Station

Chestnut Planting Tutorial -- video by Dr. Hill Craddock, University of Tennessee

Growing Trees in Connecticut by Dr. Sandra Anagnostakis


Irrigating -- Information from Michigan State University on trickle irrigation, drip irrigation, micro-irrigation

Drain Tile Systems

Farm Tile Drains -- Information about improving soil with farm tiles

Harvesting and Processing

Harvesting Chestnuts -- from Michigan State University. Discussion of some harvesting methods, but not extensive

Harvesting and Processing Videos -- from Allen Creek Farm showing mechanical equipment in use


John Deere
Massey Ferguson
New Holland


Weiss McNair




Recommendations for Maintaining Post Harvest Quality -- by Adel Kader, UC Davis


Chestnut Market Analysis Producers' Perspective

Value-added Products

Flour, dried nuts and chips
Chestnut beer
Frozen peeled nuts

Diseases and Disorders

Major Diseases -- Information on blight, phytophthora, sunscald, internal kernel breakdown from Michigan State University

Asian Gall Wasp -- Information provided by University of Missouri.

Chestnut Weevil -- Extensive information including treatment by University of Missouri.

Shot Hole Borer -- Information on borer found in California, Oregona and Washington

Food Safety

Food Safety Modernization Act -- Extensive requirements that must be met by growers

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